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About realme

Smartphones and other AIoT products from realme (a subsidiary of OPPO) are steadily spreading across India and the former CIS countries. The company has already managed to collect a lot of positive feedback on its devices and products. Especially in great demand for phones.

realme, which are loved for their quality build, good performance and reasonable price. And realme UI is a convenient and intuitive shell with a huge number of different options, which is based on ColorOS.

Why was realmecentral.com created?

First, to help users get an answer to their questions. realme Central aims to become a one-stop solution for all realme users. Started with an aim to create quality content around realme and narzo smartphones, accessories, and IoT devices. We are a very small team but we try keeping a track of realme launches and updates globally. 

We stand out from the crowd in the sense that usually we break news stories – yes, we mainly bring you stuff that you’ll not find anywhere in the mainstream tech media. Our stories have been picked up by some of the most popular and trusted sources.

Not everyone knows, how to take a screenshot or set up a realme account. We tell you about it in the format of a step-by-step guide, useful and tested by personal experience instructions. And here are just the basic principles of our work:

  • Maximum Useful Information: We will not tell you how to set up a particular item unless you are about the instructions on 100%.
  • Minimal Advertising: On our website, you will not find banners or intrusive push notifications that would interfere with viewing content. To monetize the project, we use only allowed advertising formats.
  • Less Water, More Good: We understand that people have opened our website to get an answer to their questions, so it makes no sense to burden them with useless content and some facts. Our goal is to help people solve their problems.

It’s easy to make sure that we follow all these principles – just open any article. And to make sure you get all the information you need, at the end of almost every page there is a block for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with the most popular questions from users.

The project is gradually filling up and new stories, articles, and useful instructions about realme devices are published every week. We are also constantly updating and updating the information, where it’s needed. 

Currently, our team working on the realme Central website. And we share the latest news of realme, narzo, and accessories from realme.

Editorial Address:

All questions, requests, suggestions, and any inaccuracies or misprints in the articles should be addressed to editor@realmecentral.com. Also, you can use our contact us page.