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realme 7 Pro vs POCO X3 – Premium Mid-Range Fight!

realme 7 Pro vs POCO X3

realme unveiled their latest smartphones – realme 7 Pro last week with lots of buzz around the phone and some big numbers on the spec sheet. But the phone is 2nd phone after realme’s portfolio change which means the phone enters a new segment. The phone has competition from the new POCO X3 launched a week back. Today we put realme 7 Pro vs POCO X3 to face each other in the cage.

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realme C11 vs Redmi 9A: The Battle for The Budget King

realme C11 vs Redmi 9A

The smartphone market is growing rapidly in Asian markets like Malaysia, India, Indonesia, etc. Another unifying factor among these markets is the ever-growing demand for budget smartphones. Companies like realme and Redmi are constantly trying to make their presence felt in this segment by launching new products. Both, Redmi and realme launched their latest contenders for the budget throne in India, in the form of Redmi 9A and realme C11, respectively. Here we have our realme C11 vs Redmi 9A detailed specification comparison post to find out which suits the consumers’ needs better, at least on paper.

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realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus Nord: the Ultimate Mid-range Flagship Killer Battle!

OnePlus has made quite a lot of hype for their mid-range smartphone after years and has taken over the market and has been winning at it. Going towards another pole, realme launched X2 Pro as their first flagship and it has been almost a year and it is still selling quietly. Whereas the reviews are out for both, realme X2 Pro is one of the best devices available in the below 30K segment. Today we pit realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus Nord in an on-paper spec battle.

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realme 6 vs realme 6i – Know the differences!

realme 6i India

realme launched another smartphone today in India, realme 6i expanding it’s budget smartphone portfolio. realme 6i is the latest addition to realme 6 series and shares a lot in common with realme 6. realme 6i has some of its specifications nerved from realme 6 and comes at a very competitive price, which is same as realme 6’s launch price. In this post, let’s have a look at realme 6 vs realme 6i to know the differences.

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realme 6 Pro vs Motorola One Fusion+ – Mid-range battle

realme 6 Pro vs Moto One Fusion +

realme announced realme 6 Pro in India back in March, with the device getting price hike and availability being held with lockdown and flash sales. A few weeks back, Motorola launched its new phone: Motorola One Fusion+ in India which is priced aggressively. Both these phones are up against each other in this segment, but which one stands out as a winner in terms of raw specifications amongst these? Let us dive in realme 6 Pro vs Motorola One Fusion+ specifications comparison.

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realme X3 Superzoom vs realme X2 Pro – The Flagship Killers in 2020!

realme X3 SuperZoom vs realme X2 Pro

Last year, realme finally made their entry into the flagship segment after establishing themselves in the budget category. Their token to this premium market was realme X2 Pro, which was touted as a budget flagship or flagship killer, as it bought flagship features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ and 90Hz AMOLED display to the masses who couldn’t afford to splurge USD 1,000 on modern-day flagships. Now, realme has done it again in 2020, by launching realme X3 SuperZoom, a device with last year’s flagship SoC but today’s first-in-segment features. Today, we pit both the devices against each other based on specifications to help you decide which suits your needs better, the former or the latter. With that being said, let’s begin realme X3 SuperZoom vs realme X2 Pro specification comparison,

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realme X3 vs realme X3 SuperZoom – Not just about Zoom!

realme X3 vs realme X3 SuperZoom

Earlier this year, realme launched realme X50 Pro, a device that ticks all the boxes that a 2020 flagship should. However, given the relatively higher prices of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 due to the 5G modem, many prospective buyers might find realme X50 Pro to be out of their budget. To cater to this demographic, realme has launched realme X3 and realme X3 SuperZoom. While realme X3 and it’s elder sibling, the realme X3 Superzoom share the same SoC, they do differ in certain aspects, giving rise to the difference in pricing. With that being said, let’s begin realme X3 vs realme X3 SuperZoom specification comparison.

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realme Buds Q vs realme Buds Air Neo vs realme Buds Air – Tangled Mess of realme Buds TWS Family

realme Buds Q vs realme Buds Air Neo vs realme Buds Air

With the trend of ommision of headphone jack being picked up by OEMs, the demand for wireless audio products has been on the rise. As a result, brands have started launching products to fill this void and meet the uprising category of wireless earphones, especially the truly wireless kind. realme India is no exception to this, as they made their entry in this segment by launching realme Buds Air, their first TWS, back in Dec’19. Following the success of the Buds Air, realme launched realme Buds Air Neo, which were kinda lite variant of realme Buds Air. Now, realme has launched the most affordable TWS in their realme Buds line-up, realme Buds Q. To help clear out the confusion on which one would suit the best of your needs, we have compiled realme Buds Q vs realme Buds Air Neo vs realme Buds Air, based on their specifications.

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realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S – Budget TWS Battle

realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbud S

realme and Redmi rivalry don’t need any introduction, not just the smartphone, but these brands are having a very stiff competition even in accessories and IoT segment. realme launched realme Buds Q earlier today in India at a price of INR 1,999, which goes in direct competition against Redmi Earbuds S or Redmi AirDots S as named in China. These two are prices very closely and have the same form factor, so here is our detailed specification comparison.

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