realme CMO Francis shares Android 11 Beta supported device teaser, Calls realme ‘Frequent Update Brand’

Android 11 Beta

Nowadays, with the increasing number of smartphone launches, less and less focus and priority are being given to software updates by some brands. However, the software is an essential component of the user experience for. Updates improve the user experience with new features that are added along with security patches, which are essential to protect the device from vulnerabilities and security threats that are being discovered and patched from time to time. Google, yesterday, dropped Android 11 Beta 1 for various Pixel devices bringing various refreshing changes. While other OEMs like OPPO and Xiaomi have already confirmed Android 11 Beta for their flagship devices, realme is yet to make an announcement, but realme CMO Francis has now shared a teaser, saying that an announcement is coming soon from realme.

In the realme Android 11 Beta teaser, Francis also called realme ‘Frequent update brand‘ which in our opinion, realme has earned, you can go to our update tracker section and see the update frequency for various devices for yourself.realme had already announced long term realme UI Beta for realme X2Pro, the selected users will also get to test Android 11 update. We are assuming that realme X2 Pro will be in the list of realme devices that will receive Android 11 Beta.

While other brands usually provide Android Beta support to their flagship devices only, we are suspecting that at least one realme mid-range device will be eligible for Android 11 Beta apart from flagship devices, as realme 3 Pro, which was a budget device, received Android Q Beta last year. We at realme Central, also prepared a list of devices that might get the Android 11 update, based on the company’s past track record of Android updates. Francis has also indirectly confirmed that the Narzo series will get the Android 11 update, also, few months ago he had confirmed that X and Pro series devices will get two major Android updates.

While, realme has been steady and transparent with their updates to the community, and we hope they continue to do so. That said, there’s always room for improvement as we hope their stable releases will have fewer bugs and better testing as few recent updates had critical bugs that could have been avoided for a stable release. If there’s one thing that we are sure about is that they’re improving with every update and are committed to bringing users the best of what they can and will constantly get better with time. For more such coverage about updates, launches, and other realme related news, stay tuned to realme Central, you can also follow us on Twitter and Telegram for rapid updates and coverage.