realme devices Android 11 Eligibility, will your device receive Android 11 Update?

realme Android 11 Update

Google has already released Android 11 Beta and formal announcement for the next Android is less than 4 months ahead. With Android 11 around the corner, you might be wondering if your existing realme device will get upgraded to Android 11. If you do not own a realme device yet, but willing to purchase one, you should consider if this factor as well. realme has not officially announced any such list, but realme India CMO, Francis has already confirmed that realme X and Pro devices will receive two major Android updates. Recently, Francis also confirmed that realme Narzo series device will also get at least Android 10 update.

Keeping realme’s track of Android update and recent statements in mind, here is our post on which realme devices will get Android 11 update in future. We would like you to inform that this is not a official list, and official list may or may not turn out to be same.

Devices that will receive Android 11,

  1. realme X50 Pro
  2. realme X50 Pro Player Edition
  3. realme X2 Pro
  4. realme X3 SuperZoom
  5. realme X50m
  6. realme X50
  7. realme X2
  8. realme XT
  9. realme X
  10. realme 6 Pro
  11. realme 5 Pro / realme Q
  12. realme 6
  13. realme 6s
  14. realme 6i / realme Narzo 10
  15. realme Narzo 10A / realme C3

realme devices that might receive Android 11 Update,

  1. realme 5s
  2. realme 5i
  3. realme 5
  4. realme 3 Pro
  5. realme 3
  6. realme 3i

realme devices that will not receive Android 11 Update,

  1. realme 2 Pro
  2. realme C2
  3. realme 2
  4. realme C1
  5. realme U1
  6. realme 1

realme has already started realme UI 2.0 development. realme UI 2.0 is expected to be based on Android 11 but it won’t be surprising to see if realme brings next iteration of realme UI for Android 10 base as well. realme Central aims to become a one-stop solution for realme users across the globe, join us on Twitter, and Telegram.