realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impressions!

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

Following the success of realme Buds Air and realme Buds Neo, realme finally launched their realme Buds Q a few days ago, along with realme X3 Superzoom. realme Buds Q are aimed at the budget segment of TWS in India, previously occupied by the likes of Redmi Earbuds S. We had compared both of these on paper and found out that realme Buds Q had a slight edge over Redmi Earbuds S, to verify this for ourselves, we ordered realme Buds Q and here is our unboxing of the same.

realme Buds Q Specifications:

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression
Driver Size10 mm with DBB dynamic bass enhancement technology
Bluetooth Version5.0
Audio CodecsSBC, AAC
ChipR1 Lite chip
Battery Life20-hour battery life
Gaming Mode119 ms low latency mode
Water-resistantYes, IPX4
App SupportYes, realme Link
Battery Life4.5 hours of standalone playback, 20 hours with the capsule
Charging PortMicro-USB
Capsule Battery Capacity400 mAh
Capsule Dimension59.8 mm × 45 mm × 29.9 mm
Capsule Weight28.2 g
Earbud Battery Capacity40 mAh
Earbud Dimension19.88 mm × 17.55 mm × 22.5mm
Earbud Weight3.6 g
ColorsBlack, White, Yellow

realme Buds Q Unboxing

Box Overview

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

realme Buds Q arrives in a yellow-colored rectangular box with realme Buds Q branding along with an image to represent realme Buds Q themselves. We ordered the black color variant, which realme calls Quite Black We can find realme Branding in black on the sides of the box. Turning over the box, we find the various highlights of realme Buds Q such as it’s low latency mode, 10mm drivers, body construction, and so on. These buds have been designed by popular Designer, Mr. Jose Levy. Other than the highlights of the product, manufacturing information, certifications, model information, and other formalities can be found at the bottom.

Box Contents

The packaging slides open like a tray, which houses the various contents. We are welcomed by realme Buds Q case which houses the earbuds too. In a compartment below the Buds Q, we can find the other items bundled that will aid the experience of the user. As these are in-ear type buds, realme has provided two extra pairs of ear-tips of distinct sizes to suit the fancy of the user. Other than the ear-tips, a user guide and a micro-usb cable can be found that can be used to charge realme Buds Q. To summarise, realme Buds Q box houses the following items:

  • realme Buds Q Case
  • Left and Right Earpiece
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 2 extra pairs of ear-tips
  • User Guide
realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

We ordered Quite Black Color, which has a frosted matte black finish on the case as well as the earpieces. The case weighs 24.2g and feels really light in hand. According to realme, they’ve designed the case with a cobble-like design, which we feel represents an ovular design with rounded corners on all sides. To the front of the case, we can spot the slit to open and close the lid that is present for the safe-keep of the earbuds. Just below the lid slit, a charging indicator is present, while at the rear end, a micro-USB port can be seen, which is used to charge the case.

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

Talking about the earbuds, they can be found enclosed in their respective depressions in the case. realme Buds Q, unlike their previous siblings, sport an in-ear design along with interchangeable ear-tips, The have an egg-like shape, with a protruding side which houses the ear-tips that goes into the ear canal. The other side is the more interesting side, as it houses a touch panel for gesture controls, more on that later. Do note that these buds do not come with any kind of ear detection technology which is essential for features like auto-playback. Microphone for calling and other needs can be found near the touch panel along with realme logo. Just like the capsule, the earbuds too feel very light and weigh in at just 3.6g each and come with an IPX4 rating for protection from water.

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

realme Buds Q come with the R1 Lite Chip and pair over Bluetooth 5.0, due to which the pairing process was pretty quick and seamless. They popped up as realme Buds Q in the Bluetooth Menu and were paired with a single click. One special feature of realme Buds Q that sets them apart from their competition is their ability to be connected to a companion app, which is realme Link App.

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

realme Buds Q, unlike any other TWS in this segment, can be connected to a companion application to further tweak it’s various features. Using the companion realme Link app, the user has the option to change gesturesas per their liking. These gesture controls can be configured on the basis of number of taps, long tap, short tap, left or right earbud and so on. They can be assigned to various tasks ranging from changing tracks, controlling playback, picking and ending calls, to triggering the low latency mode. The user can also track the battery levels of the case as well as the earbuds from realme Link App.

While this is too early for us to comment on the audio quality of the earbuds (that needs extensive testing), there are some features that caught our attention right away. realme Buds Q have support for SBC and AAC codecs right out of the box, which will help to further improve the audio experience on supporting devices. The earbuds come with relatively large 10mm drivers for the price point, for comparison the Xiaomi Redmi Earbuds S come with 7.2mm drivers. With the gamer demographic in view, realme has included a low latency mode which according to claims by realme, brings the latency to as low as 119ms. Let us know which games you would want us to verify this claims in the comments, for the full review.

realme Buds Q Unboxing and First Impression

realme Buds Q capsule charges via a micro USB port, while it would’ve been better to have a Type-C port, we aren’t complaining much, given the price point. The earbuds themselves get charged when they are placed in the capsule via magnetic charging pins. The charging indicator present on the capsule signifies the battery level and charging condition. While the capsule comes with a 400 mAh battery, the earbuds pack a 40 mAh battery within their small body. realme claims around 20 hours of playback with the capsule and 3.5 hours of playback with the earbuds, at 50% volume. We can only verify these claims and comment on it’s battery life, after testing the same, so stay tuned for the full review.

You can buy realme Buds Q from Amazon as well as realme Store for INR 1,999. If you liked this unboxing, and are interested for the full review, stay tuned to realme Central. You can also follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the latest realme news and happenings.