realme smartphones get a price hike up to INR 3,000 due to GST rate revision [Updated Official Prices]

Last month, Indian government announced it’s plans of revising GST for smartphone components from 12% to 18%. The revision came into effect starting today and has started showing effects on smartphone prices. Most of the OEMs have increased prices of existing lineup due to the changes and realme is no exception to the list. realme smartphones have got a price hike due to this decision, though realme hasn’t made an official announcement. The new prices are already live on e-commerce portals including

Prices of realme smartphones after the today’s price hike,

SmartphoneVariantOld Price (INR)New Price (INR)Hike (INR)
realme C22/166,4996,4990
realme C23/327,4997,4990
realme C33/326,9997,499500
realme C34/647,9998,499500
realme 3i3/327,9998,499500
realme 3i4/649,99910,499500
realme 33/327,9997,9990
realme 34/328,9998,9990
realme 34/649,9999,9990
realme 3 Pro4/6412,99912,9990
realme 3 Pro6/6414,99914,9990
realme 3 Pro6/12815,99915,9990
realme 5i4/648,9999,9991,000
realme 5i4/1289,99910,9991,000
realme 53/328,9999,9991,000
realme 54/649,99910,9991,000
realme 54/12810,99911,9991,000
realme 5s4/649,99910,9991,000
realme 5s4/12810,99911,9991,000
realme 5 Pro4/6412,99913,9991,000
realme 5 Pro6/6413,99914,9991,000
realme 5 Pro8/12815,99916,9991,000
realme 64/6412,99913,9991,000
realme 66/12814,99915,9991,000
realme 68/12815,99916,9991,000
realme 6 Pro6/6416,99917,9991,000
realme 6 Pro6/12817,99918,9991,000
realme 6 Pro8/12818,99919,9991,000
realme X4/12816,99917,9991,000
realme X8/12819,99920,9991,000
realme XT4/6414,99916,9992,000
realme XT6/6415,99917,9992,000
realme XT8/12817,99919,9992,000
realme X24/6416,99917,9991,000
realme X26/12818,99919,9991,000
realme X28/12819,99920,9991,000
realme X2 Pro6/6427,99929,9992,000
realme X2 Pro8/12829,99931,9992,000
realme X2 Pro12/25633,99935,9992,000
realme X50 Pro6/12837,99939,9992,000
realme X50 Pro8/12839,99941,9992,000
realme X50 Pro12/25644,99947,9993,000

realme CEO, Madhav Sheth had earlier said that the company will absorb GST hike and will not increase upcoming realme Narzo series pricing. In addition to the GST rate hike, the depreciation of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar is also responsible for the current smartphone price hike. It will be interesting to see how fans react to the revised prices, especially with regards to a brand that has been known to offer great specifications at competitive prices. realme Central aims to become a one-stop solution for realme users across the globe, join us on Twitter, and Telegram.