realme introduces New Charging Animation based on Charging Technologies for realme UI devices


realme is thriving on bringing updates to their realme UI, realme UI has been fans one of the most loved UI, and is getting better with every update, realme takes community feedbacks seriously and has done phenomenal job in shaping the UI according to the fans. realme fans recently gave feedback to the company to introduce a new charging animation on realme community, and realme delivers on it in no time as a new charging animation is here.

realme says that the new charging animation is inspired by the solar system. realme Community post talks about the story behind the charging animation,

What’s the story behind the new charging animation?

Well, the new charging animation is Inspired by the solar system. It resembles a spiraling constellation and features three different colors and patterns based on the charging speed (please note that the maximum charging speed varies by device).

There are different charging animations with different colors based on charging technologies, Normal, VOOC, and SuperVOOC. As per realme Community official post,

Devices charging at 10W to 18W will have a blue planet as the core of the constellation. The blue planet represents the Earth, alternating phases of our everyday life.

When charging at 20W to 30W the animation changes. The planet is now yellow and more satellites spin around it. This new constellation is directly inspired by the Jovian System and its powerful dynamics.

Lastly, the animation for charging at 50W to 65W embodies the spectacular energy and technological possibilities of the Solar System.

realme says that the new charging animation will be made available to all realme devices eligible to be upgraded to realme UI via a future update. The update will come at a later stage, says realme, so it might take a few months as per our assumption. Rest assured, will be inform our readers as soon as realme starts rolling out new charging animation to eligible devices.

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