How to Uninstall Clean Master from realme devices without root!


Amid tension with China at the border, the Government of India banned 59 apps including likes of Tik-Tok, Shareit, and Clean Master etc. For those unaware, Clean Master is an app developed by Cheetah Mobiles, the same app developed company that owns famous apps like Antutu and others. A few months back, Google had taken down all the apps by Cheetah mobiles group due to policy violations.Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master can be found in-built in many phones from various OEMs, but it is a part of Phone Manager on Android 10 based realme UI 1.0. Since realme Phone Manager is a system app, it can’t be uninstalled simply. Today we will share a guide with you to help you remove Clean Master from realme UI.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is used to communicate or modify the device from the PC. To start off you need a PC, phone running realme UI 1.0, platform-tools or ADB files like minimal ADB.

  1. Platform Tools for Windows

Steps to remove Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master from your realme device

  • Enable developer options on your phone
  • Go to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging
  • Extract the Platform-tools zip and type “cmd here” in the address bar
  • Type adb devices and allow authorization in the pop-up in your phone, verify that the device is properly connected and detected properly.
  • Type adb shell and followed by pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.coloros.phonemanager
  • The command prompt window shows a Success, type exit

This process will remove Clean Master from realme UI but disable Phone manager app on your phone and you will not be able to access it. The app can be enabled automatically if you update or reset your phone. Follow these steps again to remove banned Clean Master from your device.  realme Central aims to become a one-stop solution for realme users across the globe, join us on Twitter and Telegram.

Platform Tools